Reviews for "The Media"

not bad

but you stole the idea from the simpsons... hahahhaha jerk dont tell me what to do


'Nuff said, oh and nice South Park Referance: "Jesus tap-dancing christ"

Well done

Afro-Ninja responds:

"Jesus tap dancing christ" was around way before south park man....

Could have worked.

I like the idea of taking a jab at the media but this just wasn't too funny.


wasnt funny.. pretty pointless (though the flash had a point).. all in all.. i didnt like it.. keep up the good work! ^.^

Well I get your Message, but...

It was somehow not as well delivered as it could be. It seriously dragged, and a lot of that can be helped with timing.

There are three types of comedic timing, which is Ridiculously slow, Just right, and Way fast. I think you've gone down the drain because you're tempo is slightly below what you're aiming for, which is 'just right' and it fails to deliver. Rescript it, cut out all the unneccesaries (like the boss.) and push forward.

if you get THAT fixed, this will be a great piece. I don't mind the swearing, but don't rely on it as a comedic base. not all people find swear words funny anymore.

Examples of Way fast comedy: Arfenhouse, Foamy
Examples of Way slow comedy: Knox's Clay stuff, Demented Cartoon Movie