Reviews for "Morten vs Piranha plant"

great stuff

i like how you accually drew this in flash this time. mr chuckles was good but each image had such a low quailty. your a great animator its just that you should should try cleaning up your frames. it looks like you used millions of pencil lines, i would suggest the brush tool.


i thought it was goin to suck but i was wrong that was sooooooooo good

Lol old

Dude, cant wait for part two. You using the Jenova music, right? I better get a sneak preview.

Nice work

Really nice animation, at times i could quite understand what was being shown. But overall it was cool. A nice ending as well, cant wait to see #2 , w/ color perhaps??

Ive seen FLCL, thats right.

I noticed you traced some of the action off the first ep. of FLCL (furi Kuri/Fooly cooly) where Kanti is fighting the giant robotic hand. You used the music as well but thats ok. It should have been mentioned in the credits, insted of just hoping that no one would notice.

Allright flash none the less.