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Reviews for "In the midst of my zombies"


I love the cymbals in the end. great song

Shongseedo responds:

Thanks! I really had a ton of fun making this! Check out my other songs if you liked this one!

Thanks for the review!

Flashgame music

At the start I thought it was gonna suck. It wasn't too bad after all

The good

Percussion is very well done. Sounds almost like a real drummer.
You create a nice atmosphere. This could be good for a dark flashmovie or game.
Good panning effects on the claps.


Its like you didn't master the claps. I'm guessing you used raw samples for it and didn't modify them. Remaster them if you get the chance. Filter a bit and add some reeverb. It will give your song extra dimension.
The bass and lower piano notes tend to clash together at some points and create a blur. You can reduce this by panning effects. Make one more left and one more right. Or use filter.
The intro is just one synth playing. When you start your songs you should use intropercussion. It will give the song extra dimensions.

Overall this isn't too bad. But there are still some things I'd change if I was you.
8/10 5/5
Greetz duba
Take a minute to check my latest :)

Shongseedo responds:

Sweet! Thanks for the advice! I will try to incorporate them sometime if I get a chance.

Thanks for the review!


the mood of the song is great. Great song all around. A little repetivtive, but in the long run, a good song all around. Good luck on your next production.

Shongseedo responds:

Haha! Thanks. I've actually made my next song... and am awaiting to put it out! Look for it when it comes out!

Thanks again for the review!

I hear a little Earth Bound

Your song sound beautiful ; the backround music sounds Awsome and I hear Earth Bound boss fight at 00: 32.I just love it ; I need to check out more your work.

Shongseedo responds:

Thanks, I take great great pride in my work.

Make sure to leave reviews if you check em out.

Thanks for the review.