Reviews for "Unluckiest Man Alive 1"


not 2 many flashes can pull off the good becayse of humor thing but u did it well that was just so fucking random it was jenious (thats spelt wrong 4 a reason) and somehow i knew the hospital was gana blow up

Another masterpiece!

heh, another good one man
i like your style, its simple enough to playout with stick figures
agin the graphics are cool( i like the stick figures)
the sound wasnt as good in this one, but it still went with the story plot.
hahahaha, meat grinder turned on in the middl of the room!wow.
keep up the good work!

Wustfull responds:

hey man, i was gonna wright an essay on how cool you are, but i just wrote one on how lame this lameo is who has done the latest review for this movie, thanks man, im glad you enjoyed it. rock on.


Love it ! and I also like your style of replying to those hentai freaks who don't really have them laugh brain parts :) (<- I know, unlogical) anyway, this is super. Finally somthin' fresh and not boring. w00t !

Wustfull responds:

thanks buddy, and remember kids, stay away from hentaii. its for geeks who don't have girlfriends so they draw their own girlfriends.


yeah do the unluckyest woman in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Suprised this didn't get any awards or frontpage or anything... :P

'Twas hilarious!

Goob jawb! :D