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Reviews for "Animation Tutorial 5"

keep em coming

This series of tutorial rocks, most probally the best on newgrounds to date.
I love your style of art and cant wait to see short bus.
This stuff will definatly help.

dont forget to keep em coming!

Overall 10? yea, I think it´s USEFULL, simply!

Hey man, good work as usuall on them tutorials (even tho u didn´t use my music :D)!
You really help people here, I really like that! U´re every flash-n00bs hero, givin a helping hand when most needed :D

Anyway, I´m really looking forward to Short Bus. When will you be done, do you think?
Keep up the good work, man!


this is helpful but i still suck at flash and i dont want 2 have wasted 500 $ so do u have an sn on aim or sumthin cause i suck and still need help thanx! - Luv Laur


Rather insightful. always nice when I see tutorials that show that the creator actually knows how to make flash. Basically calculus, and im not a person that likes tedious algorithims so i refrain from making too many complex flashes. Defiinitely good to get perspective in check i agree, or we would have all south park style animations.

These tutorials are so handy!

My flash design and animtion skills are at least 50% better thanks to you!