Reviews for "Fear Factory 2009"

Fear Factory is a metal band

its not bad but i think he can do beter.

oh noehz...

This song only just barley has the theme of Oil drum ally, it does not have the ambient drum, the subtle beat, the light notes, or the slight touch of techno. This is a completely different song, and so i would like you to call it as such. Oil drum alley is, by the way, the level of DK country that this song comes from, and this happens to be my favorite song from that game, and so i know it by heart. This is so remixed that it's a completely new song. The beats are heavier, the notes are louder, there is no ambient drum in the background, and there is TO MUCH TECHNO IN IT FOR IT TO STAY TRUE TO THE SONG!!!!!
That said, this is still quite a nice song. The beats show a nice contrast to the techno rhythm, the music itself is nice and smooth, flowing into itself, and leading a clear path throughout the song as to the next sound it will make. 1 problem with the music itself, not enough melody. All i can hear is a whole bunch of beats, a techno rhythm, and a decent-volume counter melody. Please fix these problems.