Reviews for "Rustic Runes"

This is....

I agree with BloodyN00b there are no words to explain the awesomness of this song. I could also see this song being use for a dungeon or something like that.
Keep up the amazing work. 5/5 10/10

Psy-nigma responds:

I appreciate your time to write a review.
I hope to see you around!

(This is a bad summary for) an awesome track

This is really one of the best best tracks I've heard on Newgrounds.
It's got an awesome ostinato, and the atmosphere it creates is beyond the limits of my vocabulary. Just like music's supposed to be, it cannot be explained, only experienced.

Psy-nigma responds:

Thanks for the review!

comments like these keep me fueled to continue working with music.

See you around!


yes Great game menu music
it reminds me alittle of these puzzle game menu music
p.e. jewel quest or something like this.

flash game people out there!!!! use this peace of good idea XD
vote 5

Psy-nigma responds:

Yeah Now that you mentioned it this would fit well in a puzzle game!

good news is the track was approved to be used in the project.

Nice to see you around!


ok man this something strange to be a video game loop but i am a guy who is open to new ideas so is good work aniway

Psy-nigma responds:

This track is for a space racing game menu screen and a ruined city expanse level.

The idea was to keep it an under 2 minute loop but have an interesting catchy rythm that feels open new and spacey.

Thanks for the review!