Reviews for "Mario's Mistake (1up)"

I got an idea!

-So like Mario maybe smoke all of Luigi's weed.
- Mario forgot do to the laundry thus forcing Luigi to wear old clothes while he went on a date.
-Drank all his beer
-Tried to send him to Abudapie when they were younger.
-Exchanged Luigi as a sex slave for Bowser in exchange for a few Pogs
-Sended some embarrasing pictures of Luigi on the intrnet.
-Sold his house and told everybody that Luigi was dead and that the Luigi walking around was infact Bowser in disguise.
-He r0xx0rs in his b0xx0rs
-Started a boy band that would solve mysteries without inviting Luigi.
-Farted on his face
-Wrote a book "Luigi and why he can't keep a girlfriend"
-Mario defeated him infront of the princess in Super Smash brother melee
-Whoops Bowsers ass without inviting him
-Forgot to warn Luigi that poker night was canceled

And thats about it....

Mario's a bitch! Poor Luigi...

WTF did Mario do to Luigi? I hope Mario gets his ass kicked by Luigi next time.

Mario did somthing to luiigi with a lamp but plea

Mario did somthing to luigi with a lamp but pleas pleas make a 2 its so freaking fucking ai love it :p :p :p :p :p :p :p


This is really good! Please make more of these!


I've got to tell you, that is som pretty funny stuff. I LOVE Mario and that's why I'm giving you a 5. I think it was the Nightlight. Remember Luigi's Mansion? He was scared of ghosts through and through, and Mario probably wanted to pay Luigi back for laughing at him and taking forever to save him. Luigi is afraid of ghosts, and in the Gameboy Advance game (Forgot what it was called.) Mario made Luigi dress up like Princess Peach and he smoked his butt with fire, hit him with a hammer, and so on. Maybe Luigi finally started to get back at Mario for doing all that? But the nightlight is the best, since we all should know that Luigi was always a bit scared of, well, everything!
Great job, PLEASE do more.