Reviews for "Bomberman Santa Claus !!!"

Very well made...

Very nice graphics; cute style; good Christmasy sound that didn't get too irritating, which was nice; lack of blood, but it didn't take anyting away from the game. It did get a little repetetive after a while, though. It could use some sort of level or ranking system, and highscores would be a nice addition as well.

good game 4/5

i got 24,000 score

nice game

I got a score of 14200

Welcome Back, BBMan

Even though I do not understand Chinese, you are still one of my favorite web designers. I really enjoy every submission of yours, mainly because I love your Bomberman design. Still, I never imagined that you would make a festive first-person shooter. Then again, I still like it. Well, great job!

He knows if you've been bad or good... who cares?

Just one question...

If the Bombermen are being bad, why are you giving them presents? I don't know, I didn't like the game much, but maybe that's cause I thought it would've been like the old Bomberman games.... not just a mouse-click game.

Nice graphics, though. ;)