Reviews for "Kazmo - I Envisioned You RMX"

Sheesh :O

This truely rocks :D. i 5/5├ęd it immediately.
Oh btw, i have made a remix out of your song : kazmo - hardtrance.
would you like to review it please ? :D.
the kick sucks though, i unfortunately dont know how to make some huge bassed kicks. its called : St0rmChaser - HeavenRage [RmX]

Anyway, this song is realy relaxed to listen to :D.
The bass makes it tough, but the melody makes it very pleasant.
You have a very cool kick in there :D.

Keep going like this, im dying on it :D.
Greets St0rmChaser

Kazmo responds:

I checked out your remix of my song, I like it, it's a tad loud/distorted though. Other than that it sounds nice.

It is quite relaxing isn't it! :D

Ya, I just got VEC3, so I got a crapload of new sounds. (2600+)

I'll keep at it, always do, always will! :3

Thanks for the review and support!!!


This is beautiful. Wow. Im in shock. Amazing stuff i LOVE this =). Keep it up man you have some serious skills and this is just breathtaking. The pads are great and the piano just moves me. Im seriously LOVING this!!! Amazing song =).



Just,,, wow

Whilst writing this i realized F777 said the same thing. However, i feel that it is the only think that can be said. It amazes me so how a song like this can really make a person feel awesome about themself... and about others. The aspects this song brings to a persons life can be unlimited... and for that, i thank you :D

Totally awesome

Your tracks always has this euphoric feeling to them, it's pure bliss.

Kazmo-philia; I haz it

You've made an awesome work on making a trance cover of Mel's song.
The pad is just so damn smooth, and the 3/4 part and sidechaing is awesome aswell :P
The piano is mesmerizing, and the track itself is dreamy, next time I take a nap, this will be in my playlist with "Tiesto - Nyana".

Great lenght too, is it still a WiP?

5/5 ----> 3.71 / 5.00 (+ 0.064)

God I hate zero bomber -.-

Let me know when its finished :P