Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #2"

I hated it

Because it was so good I needed to review, ruining my perfect one hundred and eleven reviews!

Thanks a lot, assholes!

P.S. make more.

Me: Is there more yet?
Myself: Shut up.


oh man that was funny! i have been waiting for some new stuff from you guys and that was great, short, but great. i cant wait for more! :D


if ii could make the humor 15 i would

god that was funny!

LMAO!!! he was tricked into having sex with a man. he attacked with a baseball with a nail in it and apil is three monthes away.


MAN THAT WAS JUST PLAIN FUCKIN AWESOME I DONT CARE WHAT U OTHERS SAY THAT WAS JUST PLAIN FUNNY...heh aprils not even for 3 months hahahahahahahahahahahahahaXD