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Reviews for "Cole-man"

i dont really have a review but

i just wanted to thanks skk_flp for his review. the people who sit here and say 'its gewtting old' only think its getting old cuz all they do is review and play litle flash games with there ugly lives. i dont really like pacman, and never did, but the game was well done. good job and keep up the goodwork

it was good.

it got the job done. some people say pacman is getting old, so what. theres still a lot of people who like pacman, so screw the haters. the only thing was you should have had students coming after him instead of ghosts. and to all those punks dissing this because it's not a "kill the principal" game, maybe this guy gets along with his principal, maybe he does good in school. dont hate on him because he might have a chance for a future, when all you people have to do is rate games and movies cause it's the only thing in your people's life that makes you feel important. (pac-man defender for life)


... the concept for pacman-like games is getting a little old. You should make one with a few twists thrown in, kinda like how radioactive snakes took an old game and change around a few things and transformed it into something fun and addictive. I'm not saying this was bad, it justs needs to be a little different from the overly used pacman engines. Good work though...


pretty good, but those were.. horrible, they got on my nerves!!

Nice game.

Nice game i like the idea of using someone eles's head it was pretty good apart from if you get by one of the ghosts there is a delay on the game.