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Reviews for "That Halo Parody 7"


A plasma grenade rehab! This dude(s) thought of everything! I liked his mission! LOL...no...LMFAO!!!

cool i know a place for more videos

go here just take away the spaces then put it in your address bar, there are lots of halo jokes, and parody videos here>> www .darkwars. org/index.php?a=click&id=49359

TheComet responds:

Don't advertise, it goes into the "Ways to get banned", just above racism. If my movies are getting put onto there I want them OFF. I want people to have my consent before posting them anywhere, people could go take credit for my stuff even though it wasn't them.

Awsome vary funney

Nice Plz make anouther :)


just one thing? is it just me or are the grenades flameing pokeballs?

TheComet responds:

yeah I noticed that too

Lol at the end

Really funny