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Reviews for "Red Diamond Dragon Club"

Man that was SOOO funny!

See the thing that made this so funny is the fact that it doesn't really reference anything that is particular to homosexuality over heterosexuality. I think that it is quite obvious that the author has a firm grasp on not only his own sexuality, but everyone elses around him. I mean really, this had NOTHING to do with sex... yet all the 13 year olds on this site think that he was trying to act or 'is' gay. Marc, your films are hilarious, but even more hilarious still is the negative reaction you get from the homophobes! Keep doing it, I love watching them make fools of themselves.

lol lol

ha ha great work keep it up. my friends and i talk
about ya jokes all the time


that wuz so random an funny.

Time Saver!

To save my time I will grade all your submissions that you have done, and will do.... 10!

i laughed super hard

it was really funny