Reviews for "PICONJO: Besitzen Sie"


PWN.....!!!!! X_X Well Good Job Man ^^ Loved It!!!!

Hey umm... just so you know, the direction that the swastica goes isn't interchangable, they mean completely different things... don't remember which is which though...

and umm... not bad, kind of a standard animeic story, but not bad.

as for the music. The opratic singers have been getting so common as to make me ill. Ramstein should be getting there too... but I still like them, and their songs actually sound different from one another.

The bad guy's podium was awesome.

To teh last guy..

This is a Piconjo flash, k <3

I have to admit...

...very good for a piconjo fan flash.

Too bad that piconjo's other flash movies can't be of such quality.

Kudos, mate.


<3 k