Reviews for "Whack Your Boss"

I was confused because Joe Cartoon made something very similar just a month ago. I thought this would just be a lame knockoff. Instead, it was awesome in its own right. I truly appreciate how satisfying the game is. I though the boss would just go on forever. It made it more rewarding when you attacked him.

I think my favorite kill would be the stapler. This wasn't as good as Joe Cartoon's, but it was still great. I'm glad I don't have an office job. The best boss I ever had left a long time ago. Okay, I'm not going to tell you my autobiography.

Damn that's good

Even though very few of you out there can relate- this is better than sex.

Doodieman has once again brought another amazing flash game to Newgrounds!
Gr8 M8 I R8 8 Out Of 8!

Umm... Okay need more dies.

(murdering and he stops at looks what he done)...FATALITY!!!