Reviews for "Bitch-Slap Bush v2"

WTF is ur gay mind thinking

Dude unless you created the game spank the monkey ur gay. The only reason i gave you a ten on the sound is because the Team America theame(America F#(k YA!). But i also like u make fun of bush.(he is the worst president EVER!)KERRY RULES!!! VOTE KERRY!!!!Well thats all I have to say it suck except for the the things i said see ya.

God that songs Kewl as hell

f*ck ya


you're going to make the team america song a sellout to the nerds too lazy to go to the movies

Pretty fun game.

I liked it but I have to say I liked Spank the Monkey better. It was pretty fun though.

funny as all heck ^_^

this is hilarious. i slapped him at 164mph Woot and his head flew off LMFAO.