Reviews for "Stagnant Waltz"


This song is very dark and sad....i love it.

Dungeecount responds:

Thanks :) I should add more to it, now that I know what went wrong. I probably will once I'm done with my current project. Thank you for the review :D it's very much appreciated.


i have manny uses for it
as a wierd circus (of death duh) some old house setting maby if its just right when someone is killed or if its a funeral

tell me wat u think

Dungeecount responds:

Sounds like a fitting idea, go right ahead and do what you want with it, just send me the link if and when you do ! :D

Circuses are weeeiiiiirrrdddd


nice job dungeecount.

Dungeecount responds:

Thanks, but the more I listen to this one, the more I dislike it. Must be getting old to me.


this sounds like something he's missing like people killing zombies, but zombies are many who end up killing humans and increasingly is being lost more...
i like so much it

Dungeecount responds:

Thanks, I was thinking zombies with this, and apparently so were a lot of other people. I'm really happy to see so many people enjoying this!

its really good