Reviews for "Forever Rememberedd"

R.I.P Edd Gould

Your the greatest man ever. We'll miss you so much you died.

And people love you. Good-bye,Edd Gould. We'll miss you. -cries


Hope That they have enough cola and bacon strips in hevan for edd R.I.P

bacon and cola forever

R.I.P. Edd Gould
Thanks for the laughs man. Take a rest, you deserve it.

I see, uh, lot's of newgrounds stars! Why is Bitey wearing a sweater? That kinda caught me off guard. It's so cute, everyone's there, Matt, Tom, (idk), Tank men, Bitey, Krinkles, the There she Is! Couple, Satan :P, and everyone else! Good job as always James! But one question, why hasn't TarBoy 2 come out yet? Did something go wrong, or a miscalculated time?