Reviews for "-outpost part one-"


It was cool but had WAY TOO little interactivity for a "game." Add more interactivity and choices and it will be ALOT better. As for the grammer and shit... lol, I don't see a problem with it at all! It shows the personality of the characters.

Pretty good flash, you deserved the front page

The animation was really smooth, and it's kind of difficult to do that with paintshop stick figures. Good job. Spelling was off, but I'm not your English teacher. Go ahead and fuck up the English language as much as you want. It would have been better if you'd have saved this and made it all in one piece. But that's just my opinion. I do not rule you (yet) and for now you are free to tear apart your art as you wish.


I think my browser is screwed up. Can someone help me? I can't get past the part with the hungry monster. Please help.


Despite the gratuitous spelling and grammar faults, it wasn't that bad. Although, the plot was rather cliche and the interactivity limited... You know, it actually was that bad. Here's some pointers: 1) Raise the level of interaction. Don't make it as linear. - 2) CHECK YOUR SPELLING - 3) If people are to take you seriously, then use better grammar. - 4) "wtf?!?!?!"; I think quoting it says it all.

Very Amusing!

Great game, amusing tidbits...but lots of spelling errors I'm afraid. Other than that awesome!