Reviews for "The 2 Headed Dragon-Sk8"


The dragon Name trew me off though

teh l337...lolz XD

man you guys got really good and smooth..every trick was smooth...represetin the rock : D

Teen Girl Squad

I kinda got the feel for teen girl squad from Homestarrunner but you showed some real nice animation. i was sceptical when they appeared like boxes, but where the rotwieller showed up, it showed you can animate

hey this is good

ur a fucking good skater dude!! i hope you make more skatin films
that would be awesome...one day ur a pro... maybe..

Digital-Spawn responds:

Thanks, but I slowed down a lot. I only skate like twice a week now...meh.


I love that animation style you did over the real person. That would look amazing in a Flash animation. I'm not sure if it was a triple kickflip or a double but it looked sweet off the stairs on the second guy. Keep up the good work.


Digital-Spawn responds:

The 1st person was myself with the animation. Yeah, my friend Jon did triple flip off of 3 stairs. I havn't even seen a pro do that yet... so that's some rare footage.