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Reviews for "Off the table"

Pretty good.

The beginning sounds like something you would find in an NES game, really cool. Then it started sounding like something from Crash Bandicoot. Then it was just completely "aaaaah!" Great job.


This song gave me this thought in my head: A clay man hunting, then sudenly 2 clay men were playing an old video game and this song was on it. I don't know why clay men. plz reply plz!


It was good, you should use it for your upcoming klay game. As a menu type loop. Its a good song, but it gets so goddamn annoying after like 10 seconds...


Is this suposed to be the Music for you knox game your making?

Knox responds:

nah, it has nothing to do with that, lol

Nice Start

Hey this song is nice. You should try Propellerhead's Reason. I used Fruity Loops 3 for a while, then I got Reason. It's harder some times but way more fun. Try it. Go on. Try.