Reviews for "This is Karen"


i love that one hahahahahaha!!!!!

that was friggin twisted!

ok... this cartoon was more warped than salad fingers ( i am a fan of salad fingers ) and salad fingers is warped!!! it was kinda funny in a sick way.... if it wasnt so sick id rate the humor higher and if there were more jokes as well... i laughed and i cant get over how sickening this was .... the animation was poor... the arms were very poorly done.... but it could have got a higher rating if it wasnt so short... good job on the script though...

The first one I ever saw, and I was hooked.

Really great stuff, and I think your work is the greatest for out there quotes. But always remember that a baby came out of her pussy and she's still fuckin tight.


I laughed out loud. "I'm gonna rape you"



in case your wondering what BAMF means in the following ROFLMAOLOLWTFOMGBBQGTGBAMF it means bad ass muther fucker cuz thats exactly what handsdick the author is and so is that dad. This has a low ass score because of people that are gay and cant take a sick joke.