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Reviews for "Ife plays videogames"

Ha, classic. Video games are like a vacuum, sucking you in with...stuff.

I agree with the guy below, the expression is nice, cute, the lights (and lack thereof) means she's hooked on it. Really great.

One question, is that a fuse on her ponytail?

Jcdr responds:

Kinda, her hair catches a small flame.

thats a cool lil drawin

O-o-o-o-oooow ^.^
God, she´s frigging kawaii...

Lucky I'm not in her position. I'd get a goddamn seizure. BTW, great work!

cute ^^
i guess everyone get addicted to videogames all night long. true story

anyway thats pretty nice drawed via pixel style
i love her expression ^^ and the tv lights

nice work :3