Reviews for "Banana Fingers EP.4"

Like Oh Mai Gawd! Genious!

Tee hee it was so good! and liek, it was totally a ROFL moment when the kid proposed! tee hee! Get a fucking CLUE, faggot. God, I've never seen so much bullshit packed into one place, ever.

Phoomph responds:

Flash by Cathedral:
- none -

That was crazy!

But I loved it! wow, what a collaboration, loved the Jerry Seinfield part that was hilarious thats exactly how he acts. And you even threw in yesterday by The Beatles at the end......a masterpiece.

Dude some ppl have got a problem!

Just been reading reviews for this thing and people are criticising it for being a parody of something fresh and original therefore it is 'insulting' or 'pathetic' or w/e. Most if not ALL parodies are of fresh original ideas. These people take Flash far too seriously and need to stop taking it so personally. And most of all get out more.

That aside, a vvvvvvv goood parody!!!! It was definately a ROFL moment when the kid proposed!

I like Salad Fingers, I like Banana Fingers. Neither insults the other. Take it at face value and you are in for a treat!!!


Blammed! Put quality stuff on!

Stop copying crap crappily

that was a treat!

i love salad fingers but this is like salad fingers lite. weird, but highly amusing, i can't help but laugh at this cartoon.