Reviews for "Beautiful Darkness"

very nice

had me crying and crying
not just cos of the song ofc. but a song needs a certain something.. this one has i guess


I know it's going to sound quite incorrect, however I can't put the beauty of this song into words... Though I'm currently attempting to describe it. This song is so soothing, and gorgeous, the piano gives you the sensation of eternity as it plays throughout the whole song, then when the piano beat gets more profound it makes you want to... Ughh! This is one of those seldom moments where I fail to attempt how this song simply reaches out and never lets go, not until I have completely reached a wonderful state of enlightenment, and I have heard this songs too many times to count. It's almost as if when you encounter one of the wonderful beauties of life that has you glad to be alive. I believe when in that experience this song would be worthy of being played.

*Sorry for the long response, it's a magnificent song, and absolutely worthy of the highest votes possible. Thank you for bestowing this marvelous orchestra of sounds upon me.


I really, really like the piano you added to this one, very nice job on the whole song, really like the muted background ambience, it sounds amazing. Great job, keep up the wonderful works. for sure download from me, really liked it!



Wonderful Beat for Weapons Training

I know the title is probably odd, but here's why I entitled it:

I listen to this beat and it keeps me in sync when shooting off rounds or cleaning my weapon. Makes me ignore any and all unnecessary background noises. My favorite part of this track however is between 1:58 - 2:00 when I slowly squeeze the trigger. Considering I'll be deployed soon, this will definitely be on my iPod for when I get some training time to myself! Good music man, keep it up!

i now have respect 4 this artist

love the song and theme it really is beautiful in it's glory 10/10