Reviews for "Beautiful Darkness"

It's so dark... and beautiful...

How is it possible? Both at the same time? Wonderful! It's soothing to the soul, utter joy, and at the same time, dark and mysterious. Simply put, it's Beautiful Darkness(Excuse the pun)

-Bringing joy from the chaos, life from death, laughter from tears, happiness from sorrow. ~Nugz93~

Amazing :3

Vary vary beautiful, maches the name, its nice
lovley piano thats playing and it also sound drematic yet calming to the people listening to this...
you did a vary good job :3
hope to listen to more great stuff like this piece of art....


At the moment I started reading what you thought, I was thinking of something totally different. I thought about pianos falling out of the sky, but you cant see them coming becouse its too dark. (- =

conormccauley responds:

thats not something we should be laughing about, falling pianos from the sky are a serious problem and kill thousands of people every year. We need to be more aware of them.

I'm happy that you've given darkness such life, such emotion!
It's simply enthralling...