This would make one fantastic poster and I would so buy one, I love your art style Johnny :-)

This is so awesome. I wish you would make some more posters for the store with this style.

Woah! I know that I had seen parts of this before with some of the characters appearing on the icons but never like this! I don't even see how this is gay. It's such an awesome picture it's hard for me to say that it isn't for me! While I'm not the biggest fan of your flash work, call me a fan of your art work! It's unbelievable how cool you manage to make everyone look in this.

I can even recognize most of the people. I'm assuming the guy with the fish bowl is PsychoGoldfish. It's weird because there's this other figure that looks like a fish like thing in a robot suit. Whatever, it's silly to worry about that stuff when this picture's so awesome. I think my favorite is probably the guy with the robot arm. I think that's...MindChamber, maybe? A true work of art!

hell yeah

wow best art ever !