Let's kick some asses >:D

Epicness of this picture is too high!

Nice! I recognize a lot of those guys. This is a great submission with a minimal amount of flaws that. I love how you can tell that it is drawn, but still looks realistic. That is really cool, I love that kind of work. Great job, JohnnyUtah!

A good picture that still looks flawless even years after being made. Each character drawn out has their own unique personality and they are all very accurate. It also has the classic JohnnyUtah feel for it. The background has the classic nostalgic newgrounds feel to it. A bunch of newgrounds elites crammed into one pic. The lighting is also brilliant. Excellent job.

this picture is....LEGENDARY.

amazing! do more!
i have nothing more to say.
can you draw me?
anyways, good work.