Reviews for "Dusty Dunes of Danger"

I enjoyed listening to this.

Great buildup; certainly caught my attention right away. Then, you threw in the high-pitched, Egyptian-sounding... Whatever it was. That totally changed the sound of it, but in great ways. At 1:30 the way you added in the second part, it sounded a little jumbled, but it was still a fun listen and you wrapped it up well. Nice job!

wow nice

i like everything u did here man good work i would put this stuff in a video game or something.

hemmm kinda diffrent i like it

i must admit it reminds me of hot places
sounds great keep it up


I can't get sick of it haha it's amazing :D makes me feel happy hearing it

Great stuff :)

In my last few years of browsing tracks on NG: AP, this is the best desert piece I have ever come across - there are a lot out there that don't sound desert'esque at all, but this just blows all the others away! Nice and upbeat, excellent arrangement, and equally excellent variation on a classical arabique melody.