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Reviews for "(EDJ) HardBass"

Sweet man =)

Gret job with the mastering, really. This sounds very good. I enjoy the really hard feel to it, you achieved your goal if it was to live up to the name thats forsure. Nice bass =)

I especially like the bass in this one, a turning point for you indeed-io ^_^

Current Score
3.57 / 5.00 (+ 0.56)


Nice work man, keep it up like this =)

Thank you for your time.

-[ BeatSource ]-

EnkoreDJ responds:

lol thx. ima be making some trance after this :)

Man nice!

I Liked this one alot, but it didnt sounded like hardbass?
btw WHO CARES?!? hehe

Nice song song dude!

Keep up the good work =D

5/5 --- 10/10


EnkoreDJ responds:

lol thx :D :D


Wow dude this song iz just awzome!!
i love the basses you use and the melody is just awzome!!

Great Job!!!
keep it up dude!!!!


EnkoreDJ responds:

thx :)


This is the kind of music that really fits the word TECHNO! There is nothing wrong with this only good words can come out of my mouth for this music.


EnkoreDJ responds:

lmfao ty

not hardbass more like hardstyle or techno
Hardbass is music with it main sound donk