Reviews for "Desert Bloom"


this is cool


awesome story and picture.

Out of curiosity

Is there anywhere that you go, such as another website, where you do post your full stories?

I'm asking because your writing style is good and you could possibly start putting out the stories as well on a different site; the only problems I had with the story was that you would sometimes over use a character's name (specifically Lord Hassan for this one) in a few of the starting paragraphs when you could've worked without using his full name repeatedly.

Now, for the artwork: Overall it is a good piece, though the elbow on her left arm is slightly off, though it's not a big issue. The pose is good and provides movement for the eye as well as brings the piece to life come and it's colored well. I have to say that you are improving greatly from your first works that were posted on this site and I'm sure that you will continue to grow as an artist and writer.


i wish they let you put more of the story... cuz now i am verey intrigued, and i excpect more that is equal or better than this. that applies to the picture and story.

in short good job keep it up my good sir/madam