Reviews for "John Rocker Pinata"


that muthafucka deserves to die like that but the game was boring cuz you just click on his face and it was offensive for moslim peaple to so but fun to watch him die

hehehe, i hate him

funny game.
btw, john rocker was a baseball player who trash mounthed a unch of fans, and hes really racist

Stupid John Rocker

Dont know what a John Rocker is but I like Killing him.

Very Nice

Well done, on all categories.

Hmm it was alright

It was a nice idea with the guy being a pinata, so well done there, the game didn't turn out too bad either, that prick sure as hell deserved what he got.

You had two different difficulty settings, I tried both, but found no difference, so I don't know what that was about.