Reviews for "Pimp My Warthog"


i agree with that beyond darkness guy .. dude ur stuff suxors nutors seriosly all of ur stuff is "preveiws" or "customize this" dude you suck.

Not bad

There needs to be more options to play with in each catagory but other than that I liked it. Maybe you should have some music in the back ground... I dunno just an idea.


That looked nothing like Master Cheif, how embarassing for Bungi and Microsoft, there were barely any choices, and u should have made the passenger look like a MARINE! I blam this piece of shit!

PODmedia responds:

Why do you want to blam this? How embarassing for Bungie and microsoft? I say what? Blam this peice of shit. If you dont like halo, like this. You mono.

the concept is nice but...

its not as customizable n e way its good for a preview


Really nice for a mini-game. Nothing addictive though...

PODmedia responds:

The other minigames that you'll be expecting along with the full game is:
1) Pimp your warthog
2) Halo Trivia
3) Make your own character!

The campaign mode should rise more ibrows though!