Reviews for "Harry Potter Chatroom"

good movie i liked the pics

kinda funny how they all end up in a chat room 1 of my favorites


I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG LONG LONG time. You need to make another one. I demand a sequal!!


Lmfao! I'm not even a very big fan of Harry Potter and I thought this was hilarious. I got most of the jokes through the books I read before I got bored and stopped reading... but anyway, it was awesome. Malfoy was my fave character. X.X Best part was the long pause before Ron left. I laughed my ass off. Great flash, anybody reading this, go see it! NOW!


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha AWSOME.


My god, that is amazingly funny. Loved it. Great job.
Extreme funniness. You should have added the ability to scroll up the text, other than that, this is great!

ATTN:Previous idiot: Look, it's called a PARODY and it's meant to be sick and twisted, you clicked on it anyways! The tooltip DOES say 17+ so it's obviously going to contain some "Adult themes". GET OVER IT!