Reviews for "Ed & Skruf EP1"


Overall it was pretty funny, that fucking hot dog kicked ass...made me laugh for some reason ;)

Good potential series

It wasnt laugh out loud in real life, but the character have the plausible of being funny redneck drug addictive simpletons. , speed it up a tad. kthx
yeah I know that already

Good Animation Bad Story.

First you need to fix ur preloader...and how many times have we seen this story take place in newgrounds!? Kinda tired of it now. I really liked how you guys took ur time to create nice graphics and everything but it just needed a little bit more creativity with the story.

Wasn't cool or funny.....

apart from the end which was a bit funny. But that doesn't save it.

Good graphics.
Sound needed tweaking alot.

Just work on the plot and humour if humour is what its about and you will do alot better.

this fuckin rocks

dude this is amazing is this ur 1st time animating cause u rock