Reviews for "The Fight Mix"

Hey! this is catchy :)

dont vote an automatic zero? Should vote automatically at 10 :), sounds like rap as the review before, and it's intense, I give you a 10/10 and 5 / 5 you deserve it!

Anthouse21 responds:

Thanks alot man. Thats the reviews im looking for. You helped alot! Thanks again!

awesome song

but as the guy before me said, the bass is too loud. the first time i heard this i thought the sound was too loud. the bass kills my ears. reminds of the way my mom listens to music though. this has the "revival" or " the base discovery" feeling to it.





Great job

Indeed this was a great mix just as you say,it was really catchy and had a lot of tripped out distortion with the sound effects to give it that acid like feel,the quality was great and overall this was a really enjoyable track. =)