Reviews for "The Icecream Machine"

Great concept and a great delivery.

Nicely done animation, subtly understated humor, with a concept that all of us can relate to. Animating the title like that was a cool touch. Overall, very nicely done! Keep up the good work.


That was great! You should do more for NG!

Allow me to guess the story....

Let me guess.
You had just finished watching Terminator 3 with your friends, on the way out of the theatre you passed the ice cream machine and decided you were hungry. You tried to get some ice cream and it stole your money. You were mad at the machine and the movie was still fresh in your mind, so you probably thought something like "These dang machines...they start by taking our money...then our computers...THEN OUR LIVES!!!" --purely out of humor for how stupid the situation was. But, of course, you were still mad so you kicked the machine and your ice cream came out, so you 'claimed victory'!!!

Am I close? (And no...I don't know you...)



Oh man, I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. That was great. Really good animation. Very funny cartoon too. Make more like it before they ice cream machines rule the world.


Really short but funny

This was funny. Stupid mahcines, they overconfidence will be their downfall!!!. Too bad it's too short.