Reviews for "DJ Clayface - Above Clouds 3.0"

This would have been better if...

(I am giving an honest review because I want to improve, for I see potential.) if you didn't have that really fast phaser on this song, or whatever it is. It sounds like someone is turning the master volume knob really fast, and it doesn't sound right. That is an opinion i supose, but you still earn a 10/10 because you showed you understood how to use off-key notes, pitch changes, and other complex aspects.
Overall, GREAT work, just a that phaser/volume problem and some different choice of synths. Hope to see more from you.



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sweet shyte mate.

Had so much energy and didn't feel bloated at all.
the pitch change is so classic, most people need to do it more haha.
Man if my pc could hold 50 patterns i would so do it.
And i never usually spend more than 4 hours to a day on my songs. lol

Gj though dude..

sounds good to me

i like the polyphonic feel with the melody on the synth running around like that giving a great sense of positivity and life/energy to the piece :D

gobsmacked at 01:22, that melody sounds off the hook, especially when the next section comes in :D

love the variety too, normally too much change in one song doesnt sound great but the energy of this song just makes something like that perfect, like a massive adventure on some super roller coaster across the world or something :D

good stuff mate, keep it up and lemme know if you do decide to make another version :)

Great, Nothing but bloody Perfect!

It was intresting to listen to each version of this to finally hear this and I have to say its really amazing, I love the tune and it has a great beat you did a fantastic job on this (I really loved the little piano part in there as well) Fantastic Work!