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Reviews for "Dynasty of Destiny - BrixXMich"

Good enaugh to download! :D

And I rerly download songs from NG. Nicly done dude, I hope to see more of your work later on! :D

BrixXMich responds:

Glad to hear you like it :)
btw, we're a dude and a girl. :p (Collab)
Thanks for reviewing!

Nicely done!

I do like this track. Separately, you're great producers in your own rights (Britt, you're awesome-- we need more female artists on here! who are actually skilled like you, and not just attention-mongering) and it's always interesting to hear what happens when two styles come together.

To be honest, I don't like the synth used in the main melody that starts fading in at 2:37 and comes in full force at 2:54, fading out around 4:01. It's a bit shrill to me, and makes the song less replayable, especially contrasting harshly with the more balanced first half of the song. But I like the rest of the composition. :) Keep it up, both of you! I'd love to hear more.

BrixXMich responds:

Hmm. I'm glad you enjoyed it =)
I am an attention whore too, you know =O But thanks for saying I'm skilled =D
Anyways, I agree with you about that synth. I made that part, and I always use the same synth so I tried something different. Next time I will go to my good friend the 3x Oscillator!
Thanks for the review =)

the starting is like envy heaven rd.3 starting

sounds almost the same as nvy heaven rd.3

BrixXMich responds:

It's because it's exactly the same sample as he used appearantly....
Popular sample packs, you know ^^

Thanks for reviewing. :)

the future

is near :>

BrixXMich responds:

I guess so yeah...
Thanks for reviewing ^^

Wow, bass ^^

Oh my god, the bass in this is so good. Apart from the rest of the song being an awesome trance piece, the bass is just freaking epic! Could ya tell me how you did it?

lol, you should make more collabs

BrixXMich responds:

The bass is a z3ta+, and nicely sidechained, Brittany made that one with her awesome skills.
I hope you know how to do sidechaining, otherwies I can explain it to you sometime.

Thanks for enjoying it! And yes, we'll make more collabs in the future. :)
(sorry for the late response)