Reviews for "XIN Session 09"

School Rocks....

I love the work you do man, everything about it is every good. From the drawing to the story, everything about it is just gold. Makes me wish my High School days where like these.......or maybe not.....

Anyway Kick ass Job man....


Awesome all awesome amazing graphics good sound violence was great 2.. but it would help if there were voices..

I don't really care who wins.

As long as I get to see some blood and gore in it. Oh by the way make sure you get the voices soon cause those were really cool voices.


I love it still. Man you could make a lot of money by writing more and selling them man. Or have a pay to watch thing.

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also, about te previous comment. Stuff like this can happen in school, its not like DBZ you don't see people shooting energy. Its a realistic fight type situation. Don't say you want things like this to happen in your school, because it might just look like people got hurt and school got closed, people would actually die, and nobody deserves to have that happen to them.