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Reviews for "KnucklesLock's Subpoena"

Fantastic Movie Knuckles!

Its evident your improving at Flash very quickly, I think you'll be an amazing animator and artist if you keep practicing on Flash. Don't forget to link to the Lock Legion site though man!

try again

the graphics were good but the plot sucked and it was just not funny.

very cool

hehe, fun to watch.
the graphics were nice. they were well drawn, and they also had pretty good detail.
Sound was great. good music, and great sound effects. But the 'lock' voices were a bit soft. good thing you hade subtitles.
overall, a nice little movie about one paranoid lock. a very origional idea, with good graphics+sound+animation. Nice work.
overall score: 7/10

Loved it

I liked the music in the end as well as the animation, only one complaint... I couldn't read the Instant Messages.
Great Job,

GinClock responds:

Taken into consideration thank you.

that was ok i think.

I liked that, another lock movie, but you obviously have put alot of effort into it. I congratulate you on this piece of work.

GinClock responds:

Thank you my good man.