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Reviews for "MMZXA - In The Wind"


good job : )


VERY nicely done, Zero! You took the original, and really pushed it beyond what it was. This remix easily outclasses the remix found in ZXA Tunes as well. You should be really proud of this song because it truly is a fantastic piece. Everything seems very nicely equalized and in unity. I don't hear any aspect of the melody being swallowed by the rest of the song in any given place. Also, the segment that you incorporated into the transition period between verse 1 and 2 was a very nice touch. You took the song a step further than they took it in ZXA Tunes, where all they did was replay the first version with electric guitar and heavy bass for the second verse.

Lastly, you conclude your song very nicely. Sure, it's a slight repeat of your mid-verse remix, but it works in this circumstance, and works rather nicely in fact. Keep up the nice work, and I look forward to your next track.


Zero-Resurrected responds:

Thanks man! A lot of thought went into this remix

I love it. Its very good

I love the music here, though the level was hard. You touched it up with your own ZR magic, and its even better than I expected.


Sounds awesome!

Good use of sound and melody.
I just finished a new track too. feel free to check it out on my page.