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Reviews for "Fun Happy Time"

THAT WAS 'Fooinneee!'.

That was like..Woahhohoho. o.O"
Yeah, I got headache from all the Happy-Ness Goin On in Derr. :D
WOO! xD . I think Emos Need this song A.S.A.P. 0.-
They'll Be like, cutting themselves in the washroom while theyre little sister goes on the comp and looks this up. The Brother Emo will be like, '..Huh..'
- 30 Seconds Later - Brother Emo Says, 'TIS IS MAH JAYYUMM!' Then he sarts Breaking Down Some Moves In the Washroom. (Dont tell me. I already know I have a messed Up Mind. o.O.)

Long Story Short - That was RADICAL. :D

Parkerman1700 responds:


You have skill

This is the musical definition of "Fun Happy Time"

Parkerman1700 responds:

Yez, thank you very much.


dude it made my face bleed from the happy. great deep bass, but around 1:45 ish i actually started feeling nauseous.i figured it was fine, but around 2:28 i think i puked up my spleen. and then it repeated! fuckin awesome

Parkerman1700 responds:

Oh dear. I could get sued from this song.

soo happy must go on ....rampage... :D

great song mostly that drives ppl mad happy XD

Heaven or hell

Good! if heavan had a theme song this would be it, but im not going to hell or heavan, heavan dont want me hells to affriad ill take over.