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Reviews for "=Onslaught="


I thought this was a great song! keep up the good work!

Hades responds:

As always, thanks for the support, man. ;D


I really liked this song.
I have to disagree with many people on the bass.
I think the bass suits this song very well.
Keep up the awesome work. =)

Hades responds:

Thanks for the comment, dude. It's a refreshment to hear someone actually liked the bass, for a change. ;D

Adrenaline rush

Listening to it reminded me of the old MS-DOS game Stargunner. This song would be perfect for it =). Nice work, really like it.

Hades responds:

Stargunner? Can't really say that I've ever played it. I guess I could give it a shot if I came across it. ;D Thanks for your comment!


Really good, does get repetitive, and does have that annoying misquito, I hat it too, but other thean, really nice

Hades responds:

Yeah, as long as you lived through it, I guess it's not that bad. ;D


Repetitive enough to be one kick ass racing song. I think it would go well with Splash Down. (Splash Down is an old PS2 game in which you are racing through gigantic water racing places. I dunno. It's hard to explain.) Keep it up!

Hades responds:

Yeah, I suppose it could be used in a race-like setting. Never played Splash Down, though. Might just look it up!