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Reviews for "I'm A Goon"

doin work

next time ill rip a sick verse with longer lyrics, we gotta do a serious song, come over and record, itll be gangsta as hell.


iight my n***a Kellz, I've noticed that you've stepped up your vocabulary son. Your verse was tight, the punchlines were creative and wordplay is insane. My 2 favorite lines were "To enhance the blast, I'll saw the shotty off
Only a grip a cocktail if it's Molotov" and "Muthafuck religion, muthafucka the cops, Fuck the new world order, fuck the government watch" sounded nice when you flowed to it too. Mad props and respect here my n***a.

As for AO I just think he needs to kind of step up, don't get me wrong, everything is there he has the right idea for lyrics and flow is decent but I could tell a big difference in skill between you 2 guys, but he needs to expand that vocabulary a little bit. Again I'm not hating, I just felt like this song was like a Tupac feat someone from outlawz and shit, like Tupac used to have other people that shouldn't have been in a song with him because of the skill levels.

J-kellz, hit me up for a collab and shit if you ever need someone to hop on a song. I'll be around, stay up my n***a.


Another track from the almighty Kellz, I loved the hook with the scratching. Your old style's kicking in hot. AO was also nice.

Straight 10, no doubt

YO good shit bro

Nice verse man, u got ma 5
Keep it pimpin'
BN out

Yeah Gangsta

Yeah Yeah Yeah Bro I'm loving your Rappin Styles your Straight Trippin