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Reviews for "-Limitless"


the name suits this song very well

dude u must know me

finally music i like... spacey stuff


This song sounds like the kind of thing that would play in the background of a utopian future city. Awesome!


Very nice use of the 7/4.
A friend of mine and I were actually discussing music in 7/4 yesterday, so this piece seems extremely relevant.
It might be a little short in length, but it doesn't overstay it's welcome.
I can not wait to see what else you might upload.


My heart hurts trying to listen to it. When I listen to music my whole body feels the music, and every time the music hits that part where the bar starts over it's like hitting a brick wall and my heart skips a beat and it's just not enjoyable to me.

Not saying it's not good music though, I just can't stand it. lol I hope that makes sense, I know this review is pretty much useless. okay I'm done.