Reviews for "~Mortal Kombat Remix~"


a awesomly awesome remix
of a truly awesome song nice
song duuuuuuuude

Assios responds:

Thaanks! :D


this would be cool on a party of somekind sounds like disco music(exept the piono part which is good aswell) overall awesome remix

Assios responds:

THank you!

Great song!

I a fan of Mortal Kombat!
Keep up the great work!

Assios responds:

Thanks! ;D

The Best Part of the Song

I work on video games all the time, downloaded an engine and the MK theme was the background music. I was surprised it was MK (Never really played it), I love the first part, the other part reminds me of the movie, *gag*. So thanks for taking the best part and making it so much more then a simple loop!

Assios responds:

Thanks! :) I also think that the first part is the best bart of the MK theme, so I decided to use that part.

wow that's awesome :)

Assios responds:

Thanks! :)