Reviews for "When Gods Do Battle (full)"


This full version was really cool.

I really like the syncopated percussion and all the different rythmes you have going...
When You repeat the main melody around 1:00 You could do alittle bit of more variation. When its only the horns I really liked the chord change at 1:47...
The next section with the harp was very nice, I liked the melody.
However, I did find when the guitars come in it was a bit jarring. (Took me by suprise.) But then I did find the contrast very cool with the previous sections. Being fans of both heavy music and classical, I enjoyed it very much!

masterjiji responds:

thanks. i think of this song like the duel between powerful enemies. when the harp first comes in, you think the good guy is dead. but he gets back up and creams the other guy when the guitars come in.

just a thought.

nice but..

i see where you're going at with this song but it just needs more of a.. "spice" if you know what i mean( like a bigger suspention), but awesome song

masterjiji responds:

if you want more, see te final version.


sounds like a classic duel between powerful enemies though, yup

Needs a bit of touches

I gotta say, i really liked the overall shape of the song, i truly did enjoy how u contrasted the different phrases and the ending phrases blew me away. i tried doing the same thing with my recent song (i found urs cus i was gonna give it this title actually :) you did an extremely good job of making a peaceful-sounding phrase more kick ass than the previous movement. however, i dont give reviews without some critique, so here it goes.
the harmony u used with the trumpets was really well done, but a hamronious technique u should look into for the intro is a drone: having a harmony play long, dynamically shifting notes on the tonic, thisll really help bring out the trumpets. after the percussion comes in, the lower bass/timps couldve been more articulated, while i read that u use garage band, you couldve made a difference by simply putting in rythem instead of rolls and sixteenth notes. also, the cymbal bell part was more annoying than anything. the bridge was good, i wouldnt change anything about that, but after the repeat, it wouldve probably sounded better to raise the trumpets up a fifth or an octave and bring them a bit out. raise the violins too, they seem to have a really cool part. during the last repeat, some more cymbol swells would have definatly added color to the part, which honestly got a bit repetative. when the lower brass comes in, u used great chordal techniques, but it went from being long tones to fast sixteenth notes, try putting the sixteenth notes in with the long tones as a harmony, which crescendoes as the phrase moves forward. the guitar part was a nice touch. especially since it came onto a peaceful phrase, nice technique with the finale.

masterjiji responds:

ok, so your reviewership has topped that of Krayon. lets get that out of the way.

i dont really know what i was thinking when i put this sone out. i dont want to remove it though because i have gotten so many helpful reviews (3 is a record for me). none of the above changes are included, but a final version of this project has been released, which is very similar but extends the length and variety of the ending.


The part from 2:06 and onward is amazing. I love that part.
This final version you mention in responses to other people. Where is it?

masterjiji responds:

Elsewhere in the depths of my audio submissions: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/170885