Reviews for "Xiao Xiao No. 3"

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Xiao Xiao was the beginning of it all, really. Nobody who stalked the internet in the early 2000's had not seen this series. It's quality is exceptional even by the standards of well past a decade later. A true gem of internet history.

Good animation and fight choreography. The music was cool as well. I have to say, the camera movement and the 3D-looking bit at the end was pretty great for 2001. There was a slight animation error when the main character went behind the elevator door, but you have to consider when this was made. I also like how the main character isn't too OP. He did beat everyone up but he still got hit a lot. This is a great piece of Internet history.

the animation is really fluid, this is extremely well done for 2001, and even to this day, it still holds up, 5/5.