Reviews for "Haywyre-Dubsonic"

Loving the design man!

But, as for the text... not so much. It really takes away from the piece as a whole. That's about it as far as my complaints though. The art is nothing short of amazing, especially considering how it was made.

Really liking this, man. 5/5 - 9/10 :)

Rooshie responds:



Love the color, I can see this being on the front of a speaker box one day.

Rooshie responds:

Hopefully one day.


you drew this with paint? With a mouse?!!
Holy crap, I am simultaneously depressed and inspired.

Rooshie responds:

Just stay inspired, cut the depression.


You have my respect man.
Still, the trippyness of it feels too cliche.

Rooshie responds:

It's only trippy if you think of it as that. That's not my intention though. It's a Hindu Satyr God with some color. But thank you.